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Sunday, 06/30/2024

Formation Bio

Funding Amount: $372 Million

Formation Bio, an AI-driven drug developer, raised 372m in Series D funding. Andreessen Horowitz led, and was joined by Sanofi, Sequoia Capital, Thrive Capital, Emerson Collective, Lachy Groom, SV Angel, and FPV Ventures.

Hiring For: Engineering/Technology(7), Data(4), Remote(3), Product(3), Other(2)


Funding Amount: $200 Million

Foodsmart, a San Franciso, CA-based telenutrition company and a provider of a food benefits management platform, raised USD200M in funding.

Hiring For: Engineering/Technology(3), Customer Success(2), Data(1), Design(1), Product(1), Sales/Business Development/Growth(1), Operations(1), Other(24)

Sidecar Health

Funding Amount: $165 Million

Sidecar Health, an employer-facing health insurer, raised 165m in Series D funding, per Axios Pro. Koch Disruptive Technologies led, and was joined by Duke University, an undisclosed state pension fund, GreatPoint Ventures, Bond, Cathay Innovation, Drive Capital, Menlo Ventures, and Morpheus.

Hiring For: Remote(15), Engineering/Technology(2), Sales/Business Development/Growth(2), Legal/Compliance(2), Product(1), Operations(1), Content Creation(1), Finance/Accounting(1), Other(6)

Create Music Group

Funding Amount: $165 Million

Create Music Group, a Hollywood, CA-based music and entertainment company, received a $165M investment.

Hiring For: Finance/Accounting(3), Operations(1), Marketing(1), Customer Success(1), Content Creation(1), Other(4)


Funding Amount: $150 Million

Insightec, a Haifa, Israel- and Miami, FL-based healthcare company dedicated to using focused ultrasound to improve patient care, raised $150M in equity funding.

Hiring For: Customer Success(5), Other(10)


Funding Amount: $150 Million

Huntress, a Columbia, Md., cybersecurity startup focused on small businesses, raised 150m in Series D funding. Kleiner Perkins and Meritech co-led, and were joined by insider Sapphire Ventures.

Hiring For: Remote(8), Engineering/Technology(3), Operations(2), Product(1), Sales/Business Development/Growth(1), Other(1)


Funding Amount: $142 Million

EvolutionaryScale, a developer of protein-building AI models, raised 142m in seed funding. Nat Friedman, Daniel Gross and Lux Capital co-led, and were joined by Amazon and NVentures.

Hiring For: Engineering/Technology(4), Data(1)


Funding Amount: $130 Million

Talkiatry, a psychiatric care startup, raised 130m in Series C equity and debt funding. Andreessen Horowitz led the equity, alongside Perceptive Advisors, while Banc of California provided the debt.

Hiring For: Engineering/Technology(2), Data(1), Other(54)


Funding Amount: $130 Million

BillionToOne, a Menlo Park, Calif., precision diagnostics company, raised 130m in Series D funding at a 1b valuation. Premji Invest led, and was joined by Neuberger Berman and insiders Adams Street Partners, Baillie Gifford, Hummingbird Ventures, Civilization Ventures, Libertus Capital, and Fifty Years.

Hiring For: Remote(29), Customer Success(25), Engineering/Technology(10), Data(4), Marketing(4), Product(3), HR/People(1), Finance/Accounting(1), Other(29)


Funding Amount: $125 Million

Semperis, a Hoboken, NJ-based company which specializes in identity-driven cyber resilience, raised $125M in Growth funding.

Hiring For: Engineering/Technology(11), Remote(3), Sales/Business Development/Growth(3), Product(2), Customer Success(2), Design(1), Other(1)

Bright Machines

Funding Amount: $106 Million

Bright Machines, software-defined manufacturing company based in SF, raised 106m in Series C funding from BlackRock, Nvidia, Microsoft, Eclipse Ventures, and Jabil. It also secured 20m in venture debt from JPMorgan.

Hiring For: Engineering/Technology(6), Product(2), Design(1), Operations(1), Supply Chain/Logistics(1)


Funding Amount: $100 Million

Hebbia, a New York-based document search AI startup, raised nearly 100m in Series B funding led by a16z, per TechCrunch.

Hiring For: Engineering/Technology(4), Sales/Business Development/Growth(4), Operations(3), Product(2), Customer Success(2), Design(1), Marketing(1), HR/People(1), Legal/Compliance(1), Finance/Accounting(1), Other(6)

Rondo Energy

Funding Amount: $100 Million

Rondo Energy, an Oakland, Calif.-based thermal batteries developer been backed by Bill Gates Breakthrough Ventures, is raising 100m in Series B funding, per Axios Pro.

Hiring For: Engineering/Technology(3), Other(2)


Funding Amount: $68 Million

Axelera, a Dutch AI chipmaker, raised 68m in Series B funding from the European Innovation Council Fund, Innovation Industries Strategic Partnership Fund, Invest-NL, and Samsung Catalyst.

Hiring For: Engineering/Technology(8), Remote(7), Data(1), Product(1), Sales/Business Development/Growth(1), Operations(1), Customer Success(1), Other(4)


Funding Amount: $65 Million

CesiumAstro, an Austin, Texas developer of space communications tech, raised 65m in Series B funding. Trousdale Ventures led, and was joined by Development Bank of Japan, Quanta Computer, Kleiner Perkins, Lavrock Ventures, L3Harris Technologies, InMotion Ventures, Matter Venture Partners, MESH Ventures, and Assembly Ventures.

Hiring For: Engineering/Technology(54), Operations(8), Design(4), Finance/Accounting(4), Supply Chain/Logistics(3), Sales/Business Development/Growth(2), Other(10)


Funding Amount: $60 Million

HeyGen, an LA-based AI video generation platform for businesses, raised 60m in Series A funding. Benchmark led, and was joined by Thrive Capital, Bond, and Conviction.

Hiring For: Engineering/Technology(8), Marketing(5), Product(4), Sales/Business Development/Growth(4), Customer Success(4), Operations(2), Content Creation(2), Design(1), Other(2)

The Picklr

Funding Amount: $59 Million

The Picklr, a Kaysville, UT-based indoor pickleball franchise, raised a Series B funding, at $59M valuation.

Hiring For: Remote(1), Other(1)


Funding Amount: $54 Million

Odaseva, a Cambridge, Mass., cybersecurity startup for Salesforce users, raised 54m. Silver Lake Waterman led, and was joined by Eurazeo, Crescent Cove and insiders F-Prime, Eight Roads, and Serena Capital.

Hiring For: Engineering/Technology(13), Customer Success(10), Sales/Business Development/Growth(6), HR/People(1), Legal/Compliance(1), Supply Chain/Logistics(1), Other(16)

Pomelo Care

Funding Amount: $46 Million

Pomelo Care, a virtual maternal care provider, raised 46m in Series B funding, per Axios Pro. Andreessen Horowitz and First Round Capital co-led, and were joined by Stripes, BoxGroup, Operator Partners, and SV Angel.

Hiring For: Remote(4), Product(3), Operations(3), Marketing(2), Engineering/Technology(1), Data(1), Design(1), Sales/Business Development/Growth(1), Content Creation(1), Legal/Compliance(1), Other(24)

GrayMatter Robotics

Funding Amount: $45 Million

GrayMatter Robotics, a Los Angeles, CA-based robotics company delivering autonomous robotic solutions, raised $45M in Series B funding.

Hiring For: Engineering/Technology(2), Remote(1), Sales/Business Development/Growth(1)


Funding Amount: $45 Million

KarmaCheck, an SF-based employee background check startup, raised 45m in Series B funding. Parameter Ventures led, and was joined by from PruVen Capital, Velvet Sea Ventures, GC1 Ventures, and NextView Ventures.

Hiring For: Engineering/Technology(2), Product(1)

Local Kitchens

Funding Amount: $40 Million

Local Kitchens, a Davis, Calif., multi-brand under one roof restaurant concept, raised 40m in Series B funding led by insider General Catalyst.

Hiring For: Operations(5), HR/People(2), Supply Chain/Logistics(1), Other(1)

Vecna Robotics

Funding Amount: $40 Million

Vecna Robotics, a Waltham, Mass.-based maker of autonomous warehouse forklifts, raised 40m in new Series C equity and debt funding from Tiger Global Management, Proficio Capital Partners, and Impulse.

Hiring For: Other(1)

Form Health

Funding Amount: $38 Million

Form Health, a Boston, MA-based provider of science-based obesity care, raised $38M in Series B funding.

Hiring For: Remote(56), Engineering/Technology(1), Other(55)


Funding Amount: $35 Million

Coder, an Austin, TX-based provider of a development platform that keeps developers in flow, raised $35M in Series B2 funding.

Hiring For: Engineering/Technology(59), Customer Success(53), Product(17), Remote(2), Other(12)


Funding Amount: $35 Million

Finaloop, an e-commerce accounting platform, raised 35m in Series A funding. Lightspeed led, and was joined by Vesey Ventures, Commerce Ventures, Accel, and Aleph.

Hiring For: Remote(2), Other(2)


Funding Amount: $31 Million

Adonis, a NYC-based provider of a healthcare financial technology platform, raised $31M in Series B funding.

Hiring For: Engineering/Technology(4), Sales/Business Development/Growth(3), Product(2), Customer Success(2), Data(1), Marketing(1), Other(2)

Princeton NuEnergy

Funding Amount: $30 Million

Princeton NuEnergy, a Bordentown, N.J., direct recycler, raised 30m in Series A funding from Samsung, Helium-3 Ventures, Honda Motor, LKQ, SCG, Traxys, and Wistron.

Hiring For: Engineering/Technology(2), Operations(1), Supply Chain/Logistics(1), Other(2)


Funding Amount: $25 Million

Deskpro, an Austin, Texas-based provider of help desk solutions, raised 25m in Series A funding led by Elsewhere Partners.

Hiring For: Engineering/Technology(1), Sales/Business Development/Growth(1), Customer Success(1), Other(1)


Funding Amount: $25 Million

Constructor, an SF product discovery and search platform for enterprise e-commerce, raised 25m in Series B funding. Sapphire Ventures led, and was joined by insider Silversmith Capital Partners.

Hiring For: Remote(5), Sales/Business Development/Growth(2), Engineering/Technology(1), Product(1), Marketing(1), Customer Success(1), Content Creation(1), Other(2)

Molten Industries

Funding Amount: $25 Million

Molten Industries, an Oakland, CA-based company that converts natural gas into clean graphite and hydrogen, raised $25M in Series A funding.

Hiring For: Engineering/Technology(4), Data(1), Other(3)


Funding Amount: $24.7 Million

Formic, a Chicago-based robots-as-a-service platform for manufacturers, raised 24.7m in Series A funding. Blackhorn Ventures led, and was joined by Mitsubishi HC Capital America, NEC, Translink Capital, Alumni Ventures, FJ Labs, Lux Capital, Initialized Capital, and Lorimer Ventures.

Hiring For: Remote(3), Sales/Business Development/Growth(2), Engineering/Technology(1), Operations(1), Customer Success(1), Other(2)


Funding Amount: $24 Million

Rocketlane, a Covina, Calif., customer onboarding platform, raised 24m in Series B funding co-led by 8VC, Matrix Partners India, and Nexus Venture Partners.

Hiring For: Sales/Business Development/Growth(2), Customer Success(2), Other(2)

Nomad Health

Funding Amount: $22 Million

Nomad Health, a New York health care staffing and travel nurse company, raised 22m. HealthQuest Capital led, and was joined by Adams Street, Icon Ventures, Polaris Partners, .406 Ventures, and RRE Ventures.

Hiring For: Remote(2), Engineering/Technology(1), Finance/Accounting(1)


Funding Amount: $21 Million

Kinetic, a Santa Ana, Calif., digital maintenance and servicing platform for EVs, raised 21m in Series B funding. Menlo Ventures led, and was joined by Allstate Strategic Ventures, Liberty Mutual Strategic Ventures and insiders Lux Capital, Construct Capital, and Haystack Ventures.

Hiring For: Engineering/Technology(2), Operations(2), Sales/Business Development(1)


Funding Amount: $20 Million

Payabli, a Miami, FL-based payments infrastructure solution for software companies, closed a $20M Series A funding.

Hiring For: Legal/Compliance(1), Finance/Accounting(1)

Perplexity AI

Funding Amount: $20 Million

Perplexity AI is in talks to raise up to 20m from SoftBank at a 3b valuation, per Bloomberg.

Hiring For: Engineering/Technology(11), Data(2), Remote(1), Design(1), Operations(1), Legal/Compliance(1), Finance/Accounting(1), Other(1)


Funding Amount: $20 Million

Gynger, a financing platform for technology purchases, raised 20m in Series A funding. PayPal Ventures led, and was joined by Gradient Ventures, Velvet Sea Ventures, BAG Ventures, and Deciens Capital.

Hiring For: Remote(2), Engineering/Technology(2), Sales/Business Development/Growth(1), Marketing(1), Finance/Accounting(1), Other(1)


Funding Amount: $20 Million

Speak, a language-learning app, raised 20m in Series B expansion funding. Buckley Ventures led, and was joined by OpenAI Startup Fund, Khosla Ventures, Paul Graham, and Jeff Weiner.

Hiring For: Engineering/Technology(9), Data(6), Design(5), Marketing(5), Remote(3), Product(3), Content Creation(3), Operations(2), HR/People(1), Other(6)


Funding Amount: $20 Million

FirstVet, a Swedish online veterinary platform, raised 20m in Series C funding. Telus Global Ventures led, and was joined by insiders OMERS Ventures, Mubadala Capital, and Cathay Innovation.

Hiring For: Other(1)


Funding Amount: $20 Million

Rainforest, an Atlanta, GA-based payment provider for software platforms, raised $20M in funding.

Hiring For: Customer Success(1)


Funding Amount: $20 Million

RareCyte, a Seattle, WA-based Life Sciences company providing precision biology platforms including instruments, reagents, software, and services, raised $20M in funding.

Hiring For: Engineering/Technology(2), Data(1), Finance/Accounting(1)

Alpen High Performance Products

Funding Amount: $18 Million

Alpen High Performance Products, a Louisville CO-based manufacturer of high-performance window and door technologies, raised $18M in funding.

Hiring For: Other(1)


Funding Amount: $16 Million

Clearstory, a Walnut Creek, Calif., change order management platform for construction, raised 16m in Series B funding. Prudence led, and was joined by Industry Ventures, Jackson Square Ventures, Building Ventures, GS Futures, and Cloud Apps Capital Partners.

Hiring For: Sales/Business Development/Growth(3), Remote(1), Product(1), Operations(1), Marketing(1), Customer Success(1), Other(1)


Funding Amount: $16 Million

Ario, a Palo Alto, CA-based AI-powered assistant for parents, raised $16M in Seed funding.

Hiring For: Engineering/Technology(5), Data(1)


Funding Amount: $15 Million

SewerAI, a Walnut Creek, Calif., sewer inspection startup, raised 15m in Series B funding led by Innovius Capital.

Hiring For: Engineering/Technology(2), Marketing(1), Other(2)

MagicSchool AI

Funding Amount: $15 Million

MagicSchool AI, a Boulder, Colo.-based K12 tech platform focused on preventing teacher burnout, raised 15m in Series A funding. Bain Capital Ventures led, and was joined by Adobe Ventures and Common Sense Media.

Hiring For: Engineering/Technology(3), Customer Success(3), Operations(2), Marketing(1), Other(1)


Funding Amount: $13 Million

Omi, a French 3D image creation tool, raised 13m. Dawn Capital led, and was joined by Founders Future.

Hiring For: Operations(1), Marketing(1), Other(2)


Funding Amount: $12 Million

iVerify, a NYC-based company which specializes in advanced mobile EDR solutions, raised $12M in Series A funding.

Hiring For: Remote(2), Engineering/Technology(1), Other(1)

Liquid Instruments

Funding Amount: $12 Million

Liquid Instruments, a San Diego, CA- and Canberra, Australia-based reconfigurable test instrumentation company, secured a new round of funding totaling $12m.

Hiring For: Engineering/Technology(3), Sales/Business Development/Growth(3), Marketing(1), Customer Success(1), Finance/Accounting(1)


Funding Amount: $12 Million

AuthZed, an authorization-as-a-service platform, raised 12m in Series A funding led by General Catalyst.

Hiring For: Remote(1), Product(1)

Tender Food

Funding Amount: $11 Million

Tender Food, a Sommerville, Mass., alt-meat startup, raised 11m in Series A funding. Rhapsody Venture Partners led, and was joined by Lowercarbon Capital, Safar Partners, Claridge Partners, and Noreaster Ventures.

Hiring For: Sales/Business Development/Growth(1)

Marigold Health

Funding Amount: $11 Million

Marigold Health, a Boston substance use peer support startup, raised 11m in Series A funding co-led by Rock Health and Innospark Ventures, per Axios Pro.

Hiring For: Engineering/Technology(2), Other(4)


Funding Amount: $10 Million

GPTZero, a New York-based AI detection startup, raised 10m in Series A funding. Footwork led, and was joined by Uncork Capital, Reach Capital, Neo, and Alt Capital.

Hiring For: Engineering/Technology(4), Data(2), Product(1)


Funding Amount: $8.5 Million

Travertine, a Boulder, CO-based company enabling carbon-negative, zero-waste critical element extraction for mining and fertilizer operations, raised $8.5M in funding.

Hiring For: Engineering/Technology(4)


Funding Amount: $6.3 Million

Materia, a generative AI platform for public accounting firms, raised 6.3m. Spark Capital led, and was joined by Haystack Ventures, Thomson Reuters Ventures, Exponential Founders Capital, and the Allen Institute for AI.

Hiring For: Engineering/Technology(2), Data(1)

Authentica Solutions

Funding Amount: $6.2 Million

Authentica Solutions, a San Antonio, TX-based company which specializes in data integration and intelligence management solutions for the education sector, raised $6.2M in funding.

Hiring For: Remote(2), Engineering/Technology(1), Data(1), Product(1)

Prescribe FIT

Funding Amount: $4.8 Million

Prescribe FIT, a Columbus, OH-based provider of remote patient monitoring (RPM) technology and lifestyle health coaching solutions, raised $4.8M in Series A funding.

Hiring For: Other(1)


Funding Amount: $4 Million

VenoStent, a Houston developer of devices for improving dialysis patient outcomes, raised 4m in Series A extension funding from Norwest Venture Partners.

Hiring For: Engineering/Technology(1)