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Sunday, 06/16/2024


Funding Amount : $650 Million

AlphaSense, a New York market intelligence and search platform, raised 650m at a 4b valuation co-led by Viking Global Investors and BDT MSD Partners. It also agreed to buy Chicago-based rival Tegus for 930m in cash and stock.

Hiring For: Engineering/Technology(35), Customer Success(10), Remote(8), Sales/Business Development/Growth(7), Finance/Accounting(7), Product(6), Content Creation(6), HR/People(6), Operations(4), Design(3), Data(2), Marketing(1), Other(12)


Funding Amount : $100 Million

Xcimer, a Redwood City, Calif., nuclear fusion startup, raised 100m in Series A funding from Breakthrough Energy Ventures, Lowercarbon Capital, Prelude Ventures, Emerson Collective, Gigascale Capital, and Starlight Ventures.

Hiring For: Engineering/Technology(4), Content Creation(1), Finance/Accounting(1), Other(4)


Funding Amount : $100 Million

Cognigy, a German customer service automation startup, raised 100m in Series C funding. Eurazeo led, and was joined by insiders Insight Partners, DTCP, and DN Capital.

Hiring For: Engineering/Technology(7), Product(2), Customer Success(1), Other(2)


Funding Amount : $95 Million

Apex, a Culver City, Calif.,, satellite bus maker, raised 95m. XYZ VC and CRV co-led, and were joined by Upfront Ventures, 8VC, Toyota Ventures, Point72 Ventures, Mirae Asset Capital, Outsiders Fund, GSBackers, a16z, Shield Capital, J2 Ventures, Ravelin, Baiju Bhatt, and Avalon Capital Group.

Hiring For: Engineering/Technology(24), Supply Chain/Logistics(7), Content Creation(2), Sales/Business Development/Growth(1), Operations(1), HR/People(1), Legal/Compliance(1), Finance/Accounting(1), Other(11)


Funding Amount : $88 Million

Cyberhaven, a San Jose, Calif., data security startup, raised 88m in Series C funding. Adams Street Partners and Khosla Ventures co-led, and were joined by Redpoint Ventures, Costanoa Ventures, Vertex Ventures, Crane Venture Partners, and Wing VC.

Hiring For: Remote(20), Engineering/Technology(18), Customer Success(7), Sales/Business Development/Growth(6), Cybersecurity(3), Marketing(2), Operations(1), HR/People(1), Other(7)


Funding Amount : $80 Million

Pika, a Palo Alto, Calif., text-to-video AI platform, raised 80m at a 470m post-money valuation from Spark Capital, Lightspeed Venture Partners and Greycroft.

Hiring For: Engineering/Technology(5), Product(2), Design(1), Sales/Business Development/Growth(1), Operations(1), Marketing(1)


Funding Amount : $70 Million

restor3d, a Durham, NC-based company which specializes in 3D printed, personalized orthopedic implants, raised $70M in funding.

Hiring For: Engineering/Technology(2), Product(1), Operations(1), Supply Chain/Logistics(1), Other(5)


Funding Amount : $50 Million

Nium, a cross-border payments company, raised 50m in Series E funding at a 1.4b valuation 30 discount to last round. Backers included Bond, NewView Capital, and Tribe Capital.

Hiring For: Engineering/Technology(15), Legal/Compliance(12), Sales/Business Development/Growth(7), Operations(7), Finance/Accounting(5), Product(4), Data(1), Customer Success(1), Other(9)

Mad Mobile

Funding Amount : $50 Million

Mad Mobile, a Tampa, Fla., provider of restaurant and retail payment SaaS, raised 50m from Morgan Stanley Expansion Capital and Bridge Bank.

Hiring For: Customer Success(6), Engineering/Technology(5), Sales/Business Development/Growth(3), Product(2), Marketing(1), Other(8)

Canary Technologies

Funding Amount : $50 Million

Canary Technologies, a San Francisco, CA-based company which specializes in hotel guest management technology, raised $50M in Series C funding.

Hiring For: Product(8), Customer Success(6), Sales/Business Development/Growth(4), Remote(2), Design(2), Operations(2), Marketing(2), Content Creation(2), Engineering/Technology(1), Other(7)

Twelve Labs

Funding Amount : $50 Million

Twelve Labs, an SF-based AI company focused on video understanding, raised 50m in Series A funding. NEA and NVentures co-led, and were joined by insiders Index Ventures, Radical Ventures, WndrCo, and Korea Investment Partners.

Hiring For: Engineering/Technology(17), Data(7), Customer Success(2), Product(1), Operations(1), Marketing(1), HR/People(1), Finance/Accounting(1), Other(1)

Eko Health

Funding Amount : $41 Million

Eko Health, an Emeryville, Calif., developer of remote heart and lung disease detection tech, raised 41m in Series D funding, per Axios Pro. Backers include Artis Ventures, Highland Capital Partners, NTTVC, and Questa Capital.

Hiring For: Engineering/Technology(1), Design(1), Product(1), Legal/Compliance(1), Other(2)


Funding Amount : $35 Million

SpyCloud, an Austin, TX-based cybersecurity firm whose solutions help organizations investigate and protect against cybercrime, received a $35m growth financing from CIBC Innovation Banking.

Hiring For: Engineering/Technology(2), Remote(1), Sales/Business Development/Growth(1), Operations(1), Customer Success(1), Other(3)


Funding Amount : $30 Million

Tenderd, a Danish provider of heavy equipment management software, raised 30m in Series A funding. A.P. Moller Holding led, and was joined by Quadri Ventures, Saurya Prakash, Waed Ventures, Nakhla Ventures, Soma Capital, and Liquid 2 Ventures.

Hiring For: Engineering/Technology(2), Data(1)


Funding Amount : $30 Million

Ashby, an SF-based recruitment platform, raised 30m in Series C funding. Lachy Groom led, and was joined by Elad Gil, F-Prime, and YC.

Hiring For: Remote(12), Engineering/Technology(7), Product(4), Design(3), Customer Success(2), Sales/Business Development/Growth(1), Other(2)

Neural Concept

Funding Amount : $27 Million

Neural Concept, a Swiss provider of ML software for 3D design of machines, raised 27m from firms like Forestay Capital and DE Shaw.

Hiring For: Engineering/Technology(1)


Funding Amount : $27 Million

Findigs, a New York rental screening startup, raised 27m in Series B funding, per Axios Pro. Nyca Partners led, and was joined by RPM Ventures, Streamlined Ventures, Expa Ventures, Activant Capital, Colle Capital, and Frontier VC.

Hiring For: Engineering/Technology(2), Data(1), Product(1), Sales/Business Development/Growth(1), Content Creation(1)


Funding Amount : $25 Million

Cube, a semantic layer for data apps, raised 25m. Databricks Ventures led, and was joined by Decibel, Bain Capital Ventures, Eniac Ventures, and 645 Ventures.

Hiring For: Sales/Business Development/Growth(1), Engineering/Technology(1)


Funding Amount : $23 Million

Gorilla, a Belgian data analytics firm for energy providers, raised 23m in Series B funding led by Headline.

Hiring For: Product(1), Marketing(1), Customer Success(1), Other(1)

Vantage Discovery

Funding Amount : $16 Million

Vantage Discovery, a San Jose, Calif., search and content discovery platform for e-commerce, raised 16m in Series A funding. Lobby Capital led, and was joined by The Hive, Future Positive, Common Metal, Jony Ive, Evan Sharp, and Biz Stone.

Hiring For: Remote(3), Engineering/Technology(3), Data(1), Sales/Business Development/Growth(1)


Funding Amount : $15 Million

Understory, a Madison Wis., provider of climate risk-related insurance, raised 15m in Series A funding co-led by True Ventures and Prelude Ventures.

Hiring For: Remote(1), Customer Success(1), Content Creation(1), Finance/Accounting(1), Other(2)


Funding Amount : $15 Million

Sixfold, a New York insurance underwriting tech startup, raised 15m in Series A funding led by Salesforce Ventures, per Axios Pro.

Hiring For: Engineering/Technology(1), Product(1), Marketing(1), Customer Success(1), Other(1)


Funding Amount : $14.5 Million

Stacklet, an Arlington, Va., provider of cloud governance and optimization startup, raised 14.5m in Series B funding. SineWave Ventures led, and was joined by Strait Capital, Uncorrelated Ventures, Capital One Ventures, Foundation Capital, and Relentless VC.

Hiring For: Remote(3), Engineering/Technology(3)

Better Health

Funding Amount : $14 Million

Better Health, an SF medical supply provider, raised 14m from Healthworx, UHealth, and Mosaic General Partnership.

Hiring For: Remote(11), Other(14)


Funding Amount : $12 Million

Whizz, a NYC-based provider of a e-bike subscription platform for last-mile delivery drivers, raised $12M in Series A funding.

Hiring For: Engineering/Technology(3), Marketing(2), Design(1), Sales/Business Development/Growth(1), Other(15)


Funding Amount : $10.4 Million

Grayce, a caregiver support startup, raised 10.4m in Series A funding, per Axios Pro. Backers include BBG Ventures, Correlation Ventures, GingerBread Capital, Alumni Ventures, Visible Ventures, Gaingels, and What If Ventures.

Hiring For: Product(1), Other(3)


Funding Amount : $10 Million

GPTZero, a NYC-based platform for AI-generated content detection and responsible AI adoption, raised $10m in Series A funding.

Hiring For: Engineering/Technology(4), Product(3), Data(2), Design(2)


Funding Amount : $10 Million

SiFi, a Saudi spend management startup, raised 10m in seed funding from Sanabil Investments and RAED Ventures.

Hiring For: Customer Success(2), Cybersecurity(1), Sales/Business Development/Growth(1), Other(1)


Funding Amount : $8.5 Million

HyperSpectral, an Alexandria, VA-based AI-powered spectral intelligence company, raised $8.5M in Series A funding.

Hiring For: Engineering/Technology(1), Data(1)


Funding Amount : $8 Million

CleverCards, a Dublin-based digital payments startup, raised 8m led by Pluxee.

Hiring For: Sales/Business Development/Growth(2)


Funding Amount : $4 Million

Greptile, an API for understanding large codebases, raised 4m in seed funding.

Hiring For: Engineering/Technology(1)


Funding Amount : $3 Million

Thoughtly, a NYC-based startup building AI voice agents for contact centers, raised $3M in Seed funding.

Hiring For: Engineering/Technology(2), Customer Success(2), Remote(1), Design(1), Product(1), Sales/Business Development/Growth(1), Other(3)